Empower Kentucky
A Conference by Youth for Youth



Why are KASAP and KYBHDID convening a youth leadership conference?

Youth have historically been at the forefront of all movements toward social change in our country. We believe in the power of youth to lead the important prevention work in Kentucky that will shift our culture and create safer, thriving schools and communities.

How much does it cost to attend Empower Kentucky?

Early in the conference planning process, the youth planning team identified social justice and equity as key values they would like to see woven throughout the conference. In staying true to these values, there will be no cost associated with attending Empower Kentucky.

I am a current senior in high school. Can I apply?

Unfortunately, current high school seniors are not eligible to apply. A key aspect of the Empower Kentucky Leadership Experience involves conference attendees returning to their local high schools and communities to implement an action project. We hope to involve current high school seniors and college students as mentors/facilitators in future Empower Kentucky Conferences.

I attend a school that does not have Green Dot, Sources of Strength, or an active YES (Youth Empowerment System) group. Can I apply?

As much as we wish we could open applications to all Kentucky high schools, we would like to target these specific schools (Green Dot, Sources, and YES schools) during year 1 of Empower Kentucky. Since conference attendees will be returning to their communities to complete action projects, we want to ensure that these students will have the support of adult allies who already facilitate prevention-based programs in their schools.

How many students will attend?


Will I need to provide my own transportation to and from the conference?

Empower Kentucky will provide transportation to and from the conference from your area/region. If you have an extenuating circumstance and will be unable to utilize the conference-sponsored transportation, please fill out and submit an Alternative Transportation Application.

In an effort to encourage youth to be fully present during the conference, participants will be expected to only use cell phones in their dorm rooms. Cell phones must remain in participants’ rooms at all times during the conference.

However, we know that some youth need to have a cell phone with them at all times for medical and/or disability-related reasons. If this is the case for your youth, please complete the Cell Phone Accommodation Form in as much detail as possible. Cell Phone Accommodation Forms will be reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received. The Empower Kentucky Leadership Team will contact you with an update on the status of your form within 5 business days of submission. If your form is approved, the conference coordinator will reach out to create an individualized plan for your youth’s cell phone use during the conference.