Empower Kentucky
A Conference by Youth for Youth

Meet the planning team

Meet the planning team



Junior at Spencer County High School

In my free time I enjoy being involved with my school’s Y-Club and the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association. I also started a non-profit, Miracle Moves, which raises money for children battling pediatric cancer. I want to attend college (probably the University of Kentucky) and double major in Community and Leadership Development and Political Science and I want to become an attorney one day. I wanted to serve on the planning committee to help change the lives of students just like me. I see the issues impacting students and I want to do all I can to help students through these issues. I want to make sure that every student knows they have a voice in the world and that they have the power to make great change.

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Sophomore at Rowan County Senior High School

I’m passionate about engaging the youth in civic discourse, and I believe in social activism. I enjoy making a difference through community service of all sorts. I love a good debate, and I love hearing the different perspectives of everyone I meet. Being a part of a generation of activists, I am inspired to take action. When I saw the opportunity to serve on a team with other high school students that will lead an entire conference of youth, I decided to take it because I want to lead and inspire those youth like the ones that have inspired me. I believe that there is no greater impact on the youth than other youth.



Sophomore at Lafayette High School

I am a member of the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA) at Lafayette and enjoy performing in productions in my free time. Additionally, I enjoy playing video games, watching television, and studying. I plan on becoming a lawyer when I am older, and to advocate for those who wouldn’t otherwise have a voice. I joined this conference for this very reason: to help create a place where students could acquire the tools needed to advocate for themselves and others by learning how to make actual, real change. I hopes you have an awesome time at the conference!

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Senior at Bourbon County High School

I’m in the band at my school, where I play the flute and I’m a section leader of the colorguard in marching band. I’m also the President of the Young Democrats at my school. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, specifically superhero movies, and hanging out with my cat. Some of my interests include 80s music, politics and ghosts. I really enjoy coloring, listening to music, and skincare. In the next few years, I hope to go to college in New York, and my main goal in life is to someday become a Congresswoman. I wanted to serve on this planning team because I want to be a part of a positive social change, and I believe that this is a great way to do it.



Sophomore at George Rogers Clark High School

I'm in the Marching Band. I love volunteer work. I go to the nursing home on my free time. I joined the youth committee because I wanted to be apart of something bigger that my self and I also want to end sexual assault. I hope to see you at the youth conference in June.



Junior at Franklin County High School

I spend time getting out ‘The Great Gatsby’ and just rereading it over and over again, definitely one of my favorites. I also love going to KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) every year and hearing all the amazing resolutions others come up with. My interest basically consist of anything that really has to with human and women's rights, and politics. Which leads into my goals which are to hopefully attend a good college and major in International Relations and Political Science. I was very interested and excited about serving on the Empower Kentucky youth planning team because there has just been this huge rise of drug abuse and violence in Kentucky and our nation and I can't stand to just sit around and watch so this was the closest and best option to somewhat try and prevent it from furthering.

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Junior at Boyd County High School

I’m passionate about the Kentucky Youth Assembly, and in my spare time I enjoy volunteering! I’m interested in pursuing a career in law, business, or public service. I wanted to serve on this planning team for the opportunity to improve my state with my peers from all throughout the state.