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Regional summit FAQs

regional summit FAQ

We would like for all Empower Kentucky Youth Conference participants to recruit a school-based team of their peers and attend the 1-day summit in their region. Empower Kentucky is meant to not only be a summer conference, but a year-long leadership experience. As stated in the Empower Kentucky mission, the goal of the summer conference is to equip youth with the prevention-based strategies, skills, and tools they need to create safer, thriving, and more equitable communities in Kentucky. The regional summits will put this mission into action and provide youth with the opportunity to create culture change in their schools through implementing prevention projects.

If I attend the Empower Kentucky Youth Conference in June, do I have to attend the Regional Summit?

3-5 youth.

How many people should I recruit from my school to attend the Regional Summit?

Yes, trusted adults who have had background checks and protection of minors training will travel to and from the summits with youth. These adults will be school-based or work with youth through a community organization.

Will adults be at the Regional Summits?

Yes, Empower Kentucky will provide transportation for all youth to and from the Regional Summits.

Will transportation to the Regional Summits be provided?

A light breakfast will be provided along with snacks throughout the day and lunch.

Will meals be provided at the Regional Summits?

We know that extracurricular activities, family obligations, and other extenuating circumstances may prevent some youth from attending their Regional Summit. If you are unable to attend, email: empowerkyyouthconference@gmail.com. You will still be asked to recruit a team from your school or community to develop an action plan to address power-based personal violence prevention, substance use prevention, and/or positive mental health promotion and suicide prevention. Other members of your team may attend the Regional Planning Summit.

What if I attended the Empower Kentucky Youth Conference and am unable to attend the Regional Summit?

During the Regional Summits, youth will receive training on tips and strategies for writing a grant proposal. Youth will have some time during the Regional Summits to start on their applications, and applications will be due a few weeks after the Summit (due date TBD). Youth should work on their application with their school-based team and adult leader before submitting. After submission, each grant application will be reviewed by an Empower Kentucky team of youth and adults from across the state. If your grant project is funded, you will receive notification in late Fall 2019 and be able to start implementing your project by Winter 2019/Spring 2020.

What will the grant application process entail?

We are looking for projects that are focused on power-based personal violence prevention, substance use prevention, and/or positive mental health promotion and suicide prevention. We also want to fund projects that recognize how a person or community’s identities (race, gender identity, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, etc) can impact how they experience these issues. Projects that are related to awareness or intervention will likely not be funded. We are also looking for projects that have feasible timeframes and outcomes.

What kind of action projects are you looking for?

All grant proposals for action projects will not be funded. Additionally, some projects may be funded, but not for the entire amount requested. One of the goals of the Empower Kentucky Leadership Experience is to prepare a new generation of leaders for social justice, community change, and prevention work in the future. Keeping this in mind, we want our grant process to reflect similar processes that youth may encounter later in their careers and generally, funders do not make grants to every application they receive. 

Will all grants for action projects be funded?